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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Small Moving Company in Ottawa

When it comes to moving houses, finding the right moving company can be a challenge. There are so many choices and the main choice is between using a bigger national chain company or a smaller, more personal moving company.

Below we explore the benefits of using small moving companies in Ottawa.

1. Your Belongings Are Safer

A larger company is likely to move your boxes quite a bit more from trucks to warehouses and back again, so things may get roughed around a little in the process. Even the most careful packing won’t protect valuable fragile items moved about too frequently.

Bigger moving companies work with a high volume of clients too, so there is a greater risk of your boxes being switched with someone else’s, no matter how careful the movers are. Small moving companies in Ottawa can focus their attention on each client and their belongings, naturally treating them like their own.

2. Small Moving Companies Ottawa Have More Affordable Rates

Larger moving companies can be pretty expensive. As they have more people in employment, higher rates, more warehouses and higher tech than a small moving company, they have to add to their rates. Larger companies offer a wider range of services of course, and with that comes an elevated price tag.

A small moving company will entrust your move to a smaller team with considerably less equipment and a more hands-on approach. They are efficient because they are moving your things from point A to point B, without having to combine schedules for multiple clients on the same day. This flexibility allows them to have more affordable prices.

3. Faster, More Efficient Delivery

Big moving companies work with a lot of clients nationwide so they won’t load your belongings in a truck and go directly to your new house to unload. Instead, they will store your belongings in a warehouse and wait until the boxes from other clients arrive. This could take days to consolidate everything. Finally, when everything has been delivered they will transfer them all into the same truck for delivery on a route.

On the other hand, a small moving company has no additional stops to make and drives directly to your new home, which means a much faster and more efficient move.

4. Direct Communication

As with any business, the smaller the company, the more they have to lose. The person who has poured their heart into starting this company and training up a trusted second family of employees is probably the person at the end of the phone to you. Small moving companies in Ottawa build businesses on word-of-mouth and communication is key to great relationships with the clients. You receive more personal and friendly service when you opt for a small moving company.

5. Move When It Suits Your Schedule

As above, you are not reliant on other clients moving days to coincide with yours. You want the process to be as fast as possible but also at a time that suits you and your family. You don’t want to arrive in your new home but have your belongings stuck in a warehouse waiting for the next suitable delivery schedule on your route. Hiring small movers means your belongings move with you, and you are not left without important items.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Overall, you may find that the above reasons are important enough to choose a small moving company for your Ottawa move. Nothing is better than fast, efficient, affordable and friendly service.

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