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Moving Companies Ottawa

Moving Companies Ottawa

Lloyd Empires is one of many Moving Companies Ottawa. Moving and delivery is based out of Ottawa and offers a wide variety of professional moving, delivery, and packing services with guaranteed satisfaction.

If you are planning an upcoming move and want a relocation specialist that you can count on for reliability, quality service, and transparent rates – you are in the right place. Most people do not like the thought of moving and are not sure where to begin the process. Lloyd Empires, however, excels at exceeding our client’s expectations, turning their relocation into a positive experience. Not only do we succeed at providing you with affordable movers and professional moving services, but we also offer what is arguably just as important – customer service that will have you coming back time and again. See what other people have to say about our movers and Ottawa moving company here.

Unparalleled Professionalism

Trucks and movers come fully equipped with dollies, shrink wrap, clean moving pads, floor runners and the tools required to dismantle and assemble your precious belongings. If you require wardrobe boxes for the duration of the move, please inform a Lloyd Empires representative as a minimum of two can be provided free of charge. This equipment is all included in our reasonable rate moving services and even more importantly, so is your insurance.

We pride ourselves in having excellent communication skills, unparalleled professionalism and high standards to give our clients full confidence that their moving experience will be stress free! With our competitive rates and real client testimonials, you have even more reason to call or email for additional details and schedule your upcoming relocation. We are pleased to inform you that even some last minute moves can be accommodated.

Check Out Our Many Options!

Our Ottawa based moving and delivery company has numerous options for the services you require. Whether it’s just the assistance of a single mover for local Ottawa home deliveries or numerous movers and a truck to go the distance within Canada, Lloyd Empires has you covered.

  • Houses
  • Estates
  • Apartment and Condo
  • Townhouse
  • High rise
  • Storage unit
  • Office
  • Contract and home deliveries
  • and much more!
Moving Companies Ottawa

Moving Companies Ottawa

Ottawa Local Moving Services

Many details go into the moving process that aren’t apparent from the outset. If you’re trying to move across town on your own, you’ll need to correctly estimate the number of boxes you’ll need, along with how much room you’ll need in a moving truck to fit all of your belongings. Maybe you have several fragile items—then you’ll need special materials to move them.

However, when you trust Lloyd Empires Moving & Delivery as your local movers in Ottawa, ON, none of that needs to be a concern. Not only can we take care of the loading and transport process, but we can also help with the initial packing. Seeing your life packed away in boxes can be difficult, but when we bring all the packing supplies you’ll need, the process is that much easier. Our team will arrive at your home with everything from dollies and floor runners to shrink wrap and tape. At Lloyd Empires Moving & Delivery, we take care of all the details!

How much does it cost for movers in Ottawa?

This cost can vary.  Its best to contact numerous moving companies in Ottawa and get quotes.  Ensure they have been in business a long time and many positive reviews.  Ottawa moving companies usually start at $60/hr.

Ottawa Long Distance Movers

Moving to a new city or province can be exciting, albeit more than a little stressful. While you may be tempted to forego moving on your own, there are many good reasons to consider a professional long distance mover like Lloyd Empires, including:

Less Wear on Your Vehicles

Transporting all of your belongings, often in numerous trips, can wreak havoc on your vehicle. However, the extra wear and tear on your car is unnecessary when you have experienced long distance movers on your side. You won’t need to worry about damaging your interior or nicking your paint job.

No Equipment Rentals

Our movers come equipped with everything needed for your move. You won’t have to worry about renting or returning a dolly, floor runners, or anything else.

Ottawa Packing Services

Moving to a new city or province can be exciting, albeit more than a little stressful. While you may be tempted to forego moving on your own, there are many good reasons to consider a professional long distance mover like Lloyd Empires, including:

When packing services are completed by the Ottawa-based professionals at Lloyd Empires Moving & Delivery, this ensures a seamless transition from one home to the next.

How much do you tip movers Ottawa?

Very hard question to ask.  It is not common or mandatory to tip Ottawa movers.  But we believe 10% is a nice gesture.

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